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You can't touch this!

Having worked in the software industry for 20 years, I am lucky enough to have a very good network of senior talent who choose to work with me on an exclusive basis.

These are the highly coveted candidates whom any software company would hire before anyone else. But sadly these are the candidates that are likely to be out of reach to your company because the friction of exploring opportunities is much too high.

Why would someone who is already doing very well in their current role bother to read, never mind respond to a LinkedIn message from a recruiter (probably the twentieth of that day)? They certainly won't scan postings on job boards, search engines or social sites. They're busy and don't have endless leisure time to explore new jobs. And let's face it, interviewing or selling yourself to a prospective manager is not something most people enjoy, so it's unlikely they'll want to do so.

Worse yet, the signals available to a top candidate before interviewing - job descriptions, career page, etc - are too weak for them to determine the viability of an opportunity. In fact, most of these signals are simply too vague.

Which is where I come in. If these guys are getting a call off me (yes i'll be in their phone) then they will pick up....because they know that I will only contact them with something very interesting, something that will be considered a real progression in career, technology that will pique their interest and that I won't waste their time....well, I never have before.

Traditional recruitment methods do work to an extent but not at this level.

If you have a pressing requirement for top sales, technical or C-Level talent for your company, anywhere in the world, get in touch now, before your competitors do.

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Date: 18/10/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner