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Who's letting the side down?

So another fantastic performance by England at the weekend - we are going through to the semi-final of the World Cup!

I'm sure i'll be hearing a wide array of shouting, screaming and profanities throughout the streets of the UK during Wednesday's certainly livens things up a bit!

And this World Cup got me thinking about team performance and who's doing the lion share out there.

You have Argentina's Lionel Messi.....who's lack of support and pressure has been a long-term issue whilst playing for the national team. He's a real example of having one outstanding talent being suffocated by pressure as opposed to building a winning team.

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo is an Alpha Athlete, with a winning mentality at all costs and he drives the team by leading by example, always stepping up to the plate but again....he's only one man and he's carrying the weight of his whole country!

And Egypt's Mo Salah, who has won all types of records in the EPL this year, is playing with team members who are just not at the same level. Bad preparation and unrest in the camp are over-shadowing Egypt's world cup and again, there's too much reliance on one player.

Now that's football......but I see this all too often in the software industry.

Nearly 50% of Enterprise Software Sales managers will miss their team quota due to the team being structured incorrectly. The figures are similar in Professional Services divisions too.

Your Superstars need to be an integral part of your hiring process. They may see things in a candidate that you can't, something that reminds them of them before they hit the big time.

The multiplier effect of transferring knowledge to new resources has a huge impact on a team....far better than keeping the Superstar separate because his or her time is so precious and allowing an ego to grow to the size of Jupiter ;-).

Transferring knowledge leads to consistent long-term results and helps create a bench within the team for future promotion opportunities.

If you need help identifying a full team of superstars, whether it's in your Enterprise Sales team, Professional Services team or you need an all-star C-Suite, please get in touch...... just not tonight, I'm watching the match!


Date: 09/07/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner