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When Junglemap met Oasis

On Saturday night, I took Norwegian NanoLearning vendor, Junglemap out around my home town in Manchester. Oh what fun we had!

The evening was made even more interesting when Noel Gallagher from English rock band Oasis decided to sit behind us in the restaurant we were eating at....Nils, Dan, Nicolai, Øivind and Harry spent far longer than they should have, taking surreptitious photos. I think Noel noticed don't you?? ;-)

In case you aren't familiar with Junglemap, you soon will be. They recently moved in to the UK from Norway and Sweden, having kicked out the competition in those geographies and will soon be hitting the rest of Europe and the US. And with GDPR, security compliance and general in house training requirements becoming more and more necessary, there is no better time to get to know these guys.

When corporate learning made the transition from classroom to e-learning, something really bad happened. Like really bad. Employees were inundated with information and lengthy modules to complete.

It´s like trying to give all employees a kilogram of vitamins once a year and be done with it. Compliant? Check. Learning effect? Well ... you know what happens - an information overdose, followed by a rapid forgetting curve, (if users found time at all in their calendars).

Like anything else in a business where you want predictable results, learning too must be a continuous process, not an annual event.

Enter Junglemap and their innovative and effective NanoLearning method. Let´s use information security as an example. Junglemap will send all employees a lesson with a given topic, such as ransomware, via e-mail once every 3 weeks for example, to keep all your employees educated and alert all year round. Who would you put your money on? An employee who (maybe) did the mandatory e-learning course 5 months ago, or the NanoLearning way?

Do let me know if you'd like me to introduce you personally to my friends at Junglemap to see how they can address any learning/compliance issues you may face over the next 12 months.

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Date: 10/11/2017 | Author: