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What comfort zone?

I first heard about 'Wim Hof' last year after visiting my sister in the Isle Of Man and being made to do 3 rounds of circular breathing and breath holds followed by jumping in the freezing cold Irish sea. I thought she was mad but it turns out, I fell in love with breathwork, freezing cold water and the benefits it brings to the body and mind.

Being unable to replicate this feeling where I live, I spontaneously decided to post something on Facebook to see if anyone fancied trying 'wild swimming' and getting out of their comfort zone. This was on Friday last Saturday we had a committed group of wannabee Wim Hoffers and by Sunday we were hiking up a significant hill to a breathtaking body of water at the top, Gaddings Dam in Todmorden ready to take our first dip.

Were we cold? Yeah! Were we scared? Hell yeah!!

But armed with a little fear, and mostly not wanting to be the only one unable to make it past knee level....we all seemed to just get in ... all at the same time. No messing, no lagging, no hysterics. We were literally a communal walking, talking Nike slogan - we just did it!

It was amazing!

And this was a great lesson for us getting out of our comfort zone. There is always fear in trying new things, especially anything that makes you feel uncomfortable but being uncomfortable is where breakthroughs happen. Being uncomfortable is what spurs you on to making a necessary change. Not knowing people is uncomfortable, until you get to know them and they become friends. The other side of uncomfortable is where you find joy.

And joy we found.

So seek discomfort!

Until next time,


Date: 07/09/2020 | Author: Natalie Thompson