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To Pause or not to Pause....

To pause or not to pause?? That is the question!

Well it's not the only question of course but it's certainly one I'm hearing a lot from global leaders in the software industry right now when it comes to hiring.

And why are some tech vendors out there hitting the gas fully on hiring whilst others tentatively brake and wait it out?

Although tech giants like Apple and Microsoft froze hiring early on in the pandemic, they have continued employing people since April, at which point Microsoft's console Xbox hit a record of 90 million players online as many people turned to digital entertainment during lockdown.

Lesser-known tech company, 'Inokyo' is using its vision technology to develop automated contact tracing for places like hospitals and warehouses where cameras can determine staff's locations and who has been within proximity to each other.

The cloud computing service provider 'Fastly' has had its share price increase by 289% over the last year. With an increase in people working from home, the need to share data between colleges using online services has boosted the demand for Fastly's tech.

Oracle, is still going strong, having hired 136,000 globally during Q2. Demand for their cloud service has driven them to launch their second-generation Oracle Cloud.

With this boost due to the pandemic, the long-term prospects of cloud related tech companies look very promising.

A recent sample of 222,000 employees hired by tech companies over the last 12 months has shown, 40% of those hired have less than 2 years' experience.

This provides a good outlook for students who have graduated during these tricky times.

A user generated list of hiring statuses for over 8000 tech companies show that 56% of companies are continuing to hire throughout the pandemic.

The ability to work from home has helped tremendously in keeping tech companies hiring over the last 8 months. Job growth has slowed down much more dramatically in industries lacking the ability to complete work online or from home.

It made sense to pause hiring in the early stages of the pandemic where the future was unknown and there were lots of uncertainties. However, now it is important to take advantage of our remoteness as tech companies to adapt to the current situation, provide jobs where they are no longer available and expand our business.

There is prosperity to be had in this pandemic with many examples available. Everyone is now beginning to adapt, with innovation changing how everything is and will be ran from now on. And we are in an industry where we can literally change the World. Here at Pangaea, we have seen a real shift in the last few months - we are busier than ever! And this is a great benchmark!

So don't pause...stay 'pause-itive' :-). Keep going, we got this! ++++

Until next time,

Take care,


Date: 23/11/2020 | Author: Natalie Thompson