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The ultimate betrayal

So this morning I feel pretty guilty. I recently made the hard decision to have my little Pomeranian, Alvin castrated and today is D-Day. I know, I know.....his little face as we got in the car. The excitement in those big brown eyes, as if we were about to drive somewhere beautiful so he could run through the countryside, completely free, like the little furry barrel he is.

I honestly can't tell you how dreadful I felt dropping him off at the Vet and as she led him into another room, he looked behind to me as if to say 'what's happening Mum?'

But the thing is, although I feel pretty awful and like i've betrayed him somehow, in the long run, I know it's for the best.

He bolts if he sees another dog which has meant we've had a few close calls, he enjoys marking his territory which isn't the best in my conservatory and the cat's getting a bit miffed as he likes to do it in her food ;-). It's also good to protect him against prostate cancer and finally, less teddy action which can get embarrassing in front of the local kids who come to play and ask "Natalie, what's he doing?", (ground swallow me up please!).

Now similarly, when it comes to hard decisions, hiring in the software industry is also particularly difficult, (come on you can see the link surely ;-). There's a lot of competition, the demand far outweighs the supply and getting it wrong could mean that your head is on the line.

Make your decision making process easier by enlisting the help of an industry expert. A trusted advisor. One who works only in your sector and who knows the market far better than anyone else. One who is going to give you 3 to 6 stand-out candidates to choose from, rather than throwing a whole heap of mediocre CV's at you in the hope that you are prepared to pick one from a bad bunch.

If you need help making the right decision, without feeling guilty about it, then get in touch now. In the meantime...I still feel awful ;-).

Until next time,

Take care,


Date: 30/10/2017 | Author: