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Testing Testing, One Two Three

So today I thought i'd cover an issue that I come across often.....that of 'feedback', or more to the point ....lack thereof! (Mic drop).

No one likes 'bad feedback' but i can promise you....'no feedback' is far worse!

When a candidate takes the time out to meet with hiring managers, usually booking time off work and travelling fair distances, they have invested time in your process. They have also bought into the idea that this could be the next stage in their life, and will have attached some meaning to the outcome - with feeling emotions of hope and excitement along the way.

What I see happening far more often than it should is 'Ghosting'. Now 'Ghosting' is frowned upon in the dating scene so if it's not appropriate there, can you imagine how inappropriate it is in the workplace?

If you don't know what Ghosting is:

'The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.'

(By the way "She isn't for us" is NOT feedback).

Here is why you should take a few minutes to write something constructive:

1. A PR opportunity

Word of mouth and personal recommendations are some of the most effective marketing tools for an employer's brand. As unbiased candidates share positive recruitment experiences - regardless of whether or not they were successful in securing the role - clients could attract even more applicants for future positions. And guess what happens when they have a bad experience or feel disgruntled at being ghosted....

2. Candidate courtesy

It's nice to be nice! Common courtesy and respect - nuff said.

3. Repeat jobseekers

Candidates might miss out on a role because they lack certain skills or experience in a particular area. However, with a few more years' experience they could be a perfect fit. You don't want your competitor's top sales person turning you down at a later date because they had a bad experience whilst interviewing for your software company 5 years ago.

4. Economic boost

As well as having a positive impact on the individual organisation, feedback will eventually lead to a better-equipped Software market. High calibre candidates will generally be easier to come by if individuals know where their strengths lie and the areas in which they need to improve. As a result, future hiring for all Software vendors may become significantly more efficient.

5. It's not time-consuming

We're not talking paragraphs. Just a few sentences - on strengths and why they are not a current fit or perhaps another candidate was more suitable. It's only fair when the candidate has most likely taken a full day out to explore the opportunity.

Date: 19/11/2019 | Author: Natalie Gardner