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Still Scoring Goals

If you regularly read my emails you may remember that 2019 was the year for attracting some major talent for me - in the guise of 'Janice' from 90's hit series 'Friends' (Maggie Wheeler) and the actress from 'Killing Eve' and 'Harry Potter'......Fiona Shaw.

Well I kid you's happened again! Only this time in the form of footballing Legend, Paul Gascgoine (AKA Gazza). He earned 57 caps during his England career. The National Football Museum stated that he is "widely recognised as the most naturally talented English footballer of his generation."

And the really funny part is that he approached me and asked me for a selfie. That's right.... he asked me!!

I don't know what it is about me at the minute but I'm definitely a magnet for talent it any form!!

So with that in mind, if you are struggling to find those superstars out there for your Software company - be assured you are in very good hands.


Until next time,


Date: 17/02/2020 | Author: Natalie Gardner