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Software, Surfing and Banging Beats

I'm all about keeping the vibe high right now and I wanted to share a story and some bizarre coincidences, (no such thing BTW) in the hope that it brings you as much joy as it has to me.

I recently watched an interview with Mark Musselman. He's the VP of Sales at Vapor IO and is ex BladeLogic, (later acquired by BMC Software) . Did you know that 33 CxO's at software companies across the globe all came from BladeLogic/BMC Software? 33 of its sales executives now find themselves in leadership positions among the 100 fastest growing software companies!! Wowzers!

Now this piqued my interest because I worked for BMC for a while....I was contracted to find them the best talent in Europe. And jeez, what an incredibly high bar they had for hiring. If just one hiring manager in the process, (like 8 interviews) had even one was a resounding 'no'. Trying to get anyone hired was virtually impossible and it was VERY frustrating! But the fact is, they were always looking for absolute exceptional talent....nothing else would do. And the above stats show you just how right they got it!

So I connected with Mark on Linkedin and it turns out, he was at BMC at the same time as me, albeit he was in California and I was in Manchester, UK.

And there, hidden amongst the gems in his bio was 'Music Producer, Momu'. Well I had to check it out. Who was this Momu? It turns out this guy is a real dude when it comes to electronic music. He's got his own label and has had music featured on the 'Global Underground' label which is for really high end DJ's like Sasha, (my hero) and Digweed and shared with me that he's mingled with the best of them. I couldn't contain myself...having DJ'd and being into electronic music forever myself.

Interestingly, Mark started his career as a sales manager at a local surf shop and then received an opportunity from a friend to work with an internet service provider during the early development of the internet.

He told the story about how during his interview for BladeLogic, they asked about a stand-out moment/achievement in his life and he told the story about how he saved his best friend's life after a surfing accident. This likely nailed it for him. I can certainly vouch for the fact that the leaders at BladeLogic/BMC could never resist an 'in the face of adversity' story.

Mark has lots of experience working in start-ups and mentions the importance of staying optimistic. "You need to believe things will work out whilst having a healthy scepticism. In an established company you may have to put more work in for a smaller reward. A start-up however may require less effort for a larger reward, but you must rely on yourself to do it. You won't have people around you to help lift you up. With start-ups it often takes many years for it to build up and play out. It's the timing and goals that will make or break it."

So from the humble beginnings of a surf shop sales manager to the Senior Vice President of a globally known tech company...whilst enjoying surfing and producing banging beats in between.

Pretty cool eh?

To me, it just goes to show how important it is to keep the fun in your life. Your job doesn't have to be your passion as long as you have passion in your life.....the good stuff flows into everything from there.

And if you're curious.....check this out: Momu  (I've got it on full blast writing this to you :-).

Until next time,

Take care,


Date: 03/12/2020 | Author: Natalie Thompson