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I've been a bit quiet on the blog front recently .... I do apologise but i've had my hands full.....I rescued a dog.

(Things escalated quickly from a friend's Facebook doggy these things do ;-).

I needed a friend for my Pomeranian, 'Alvin' but I wanted to give a good home to a dog who very much needed it so before I knew it, I was off to see 'Bear', who had recently arrived from Spain and was now with a foster.

Bear had spent 6 years in the pound. They call them 'the invisibles' because they are older and have been there forever, so it's unlikely they will ever get out. It really was the worst situation for him. His hair was completely matted which meant he couldn't move his back legs properly .... he was mute, wouldn't make eye contact, didn't know anything other than a concrete floor to sleep on and certainly hadn't experienced love or affection. He was in such a state and although a much bigger dog than I'm used to, I just had to bring him home with me.

For the first few months, Bear wouldn't engage at all .... he'd just lay in the kitchen and look at the wall.

Until....I discovered the 'Snuffle Pillow.' What an amazing creation!!! (I am not on commission for said pillow but if you have a really should check it out :-).

Basically it's a pillow which is sewn together with rags and you can bury small pieces of cheese or meat amongst the fabric for your dog to find. Well he loves it...hours of fun, hunting for buried treasure. His confidence is building and i'm even getting cuddles! He's found his voice too...and it's loud! (This is less good for me when working from home but i'm delighted for him ;-).

Here at Pangaea, we understand Bear's delight. All too used to hours and hours of searching to find those elusive golden candidates that you need to make your business thrive, (granted, I don't use my nose much and I rarely eat what I find, but the experience has gotta be similar....I know we are equally delighted when we find our clients a Superstar!).

If you would like to try our 'snuffle-tastic' search services for your software business, please do reach out to book a call with me.

In the's a pic of the man himself.

Until next time,

Take care,


Date: 14/03/2019 | Author: Natalie Gardner