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Melissa... You wouldn't want to miss her

I'd like to introduce you to Melissa Thompson, who was Executive Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Citrix for the past several years. In addition to sharing my maiden name, she shares my passion for finding good talent in the technology industry and also a wicked sense of humour.....we must be related....even if she is based in Texas.

What this lady doesn't know about talent strategy! In fact, it was Melissa that first introduced me to the term 'Purple Squirrel', which I am forever thankful for as I think there is no better analogy when it comes to some hiring manager's expectations in finding that elusive perfect candidate. (Purple squirrels don't exist by the way, just in case you were unsure ;-).

When it comes to hiring in the software industry, it's very important that your TA team have a strategy and Melissa knows all about what that should look like, especially when it comes to impacting candidates.

Here is a little tit-bit from one of her articles:

"3 Ways to Impact Candidate Experience

by Melissa Thompson

Apply Process: What companies are starting to realise is that a clunky application experience, confusing interview processes, lacklustre communication, and no rejection communication creates a bad candidate experience.

Apply Click: For years, we have been saying that the apply process should be simplified to 3 clicks. This means a candidate should be able to arrive on your careers page and get to the actual apply process. With the addition of talent networks and other front-end data, it can take many more than 3 clicks to apply.

Application: How long does it take to complete your application? What percentage of candidates give up before they get to the end? You should understand your applicant abandon rate and identify what things in the apply process are not absolutely necessary."

There are a number of avenues TA Leaders can take to impact the candidate experience. My suggestions are to see it though a candidate's eyes by working through these steps:

Apply Process: Experience the apply process.

Job Postings: Review your external job postings.

Company Information: Evaluate information available to candidates.

Taking the time to look at the candidate's perspective from an outside-in view will help you identify key ways that you can improve the experience. "

For access to Melissa's full article - please click this link.

If you'd like additional help updating your talent strategy, contact Melissa directly, who recently set up her own consultancy company: Thompson Talent Innovations

If you just need help finding the top talent your software company needs, anywhere in the world, who aren't on the market and for very good reason, then I'm your lady for that one.

Until next time,

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Date: 02/08/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner