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Guess Who's Winning?

Well what a month it's been. I have done more housework than i've done in my entire life! Not having a cleaner able to come to the house has obviously inspired me to do more .... but it's not just that, I literally cannot cope with any clutter or mess. I have had spontaneous clear-outs that have escalated from opening a draw to find something in it that doesn't belong in there to a full on kitchen clear out, to finally ordering a skip! My skip arrives tomorrow....I cannot contain myself! :-))

My daily dog walks are longer and more appreciated. I cannot get enough of Nature right now.... this has been a huge teaching for me about what is important and much of that for me is about being connected to Nature and the Earth.

We are still busy here at Pangaea. Having worked mostly from home for the last 10 years, life isn't too different and a good number of our clients are thriving in the current situation, although many others are sitting tight with hiring until this passes.

What I have realised during this time is how people in the Software and Tech industries are massively positive and pragmatic. I've spoken to so many hiring managers and candidates alike who are of the mindset, 'It is what it is, just gotta get on with it.' I love the 'no moaning' vibe in this sector. I haven't come across any fear-mongering, so thank you clients and candidates for keeping the vibe high! You are instrumental to getting us out of this situation.

Regarding Tech, clearly some areas are absolutely smashing it right now.

We all know that Zoom is winning. Web conferencing is up 5x overall. What's notable, though, is that startups are starting to challenge Zoom. One of those challengers is Loom, a Sequoia-backed video platform founded in 2016. There's been an almost 200x increase in traffic to the Zoom vs. Loom comparison page on TrustRadius. Well done these guys - proof that timing can be everything.

Speaking of timing, people are very open to looking at a new roles right now. It is still a good time to hire.

Please do get in touch if you want to start looking at strategies to attract the best people to your business NOW!

Until next time,

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Date: 11/05/2020 | Author: Natalie Thompson