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Gift from the Universe (or APAC)

Aware that timing is everything, we are hoping that the Universe is aligned with your current business strategy and that this exceptional candidate is just what you need right now....or OK....perhaps early in 2021 :-).

We are fortunate to represent an outstanding Software Vendor Leader based in the APAC region.

With over 30 years of Sales Leadership experience across nearly all IT domains from Networks to Cloud and from Application to Storage, across all industry sectors and across all countries within the APAC region including Japan.

This candidate has a hands-on, 'lead-from-the-front' style which has led to a career establishing early stage start-ups in the APAC region, building them from scratch to become highly successful and well established. In addition he has helped under-performing companies to return back to expected levels of growth and profitability through proven strategies of identifying and fixing issues, building strong motivated teams and driving a more engaged and contributing partner base.

His management style is one of collaboration and lead by example, preferring to hire the right people who are empowered and have the drive to over-achieve, do not need micro-management, and view him as a "resource" to tackle issues and ensure success.

Throughout his career this candidate has consistently over-achieved against targets, KPIs and expectations. He has a reputation of being an outstanding leader, a true team player and has justly earned an excellent reputation throughout the IT industry, the partner community and the customer base.

He holds both British and Australian passports, typically works out of Singapore but can be flexible.

We think he's amazing and we are sure you will too.

Please get in touch ASAP if you are looking for leadership in APAC soon.

Until next time,

Take care.


Date: 14/12/2020 | Author: Natalie Thompson