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France - the new Silicon Valley?

Whilst France is known worldwide for its wine, food and culture, it's never really been the country I'd immediately think of in relation to tech startups.

But President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants to build a version of Silicon Valley in France. He is loosening government restrictions and encouraging entrepreneurs to launch their startups in the country.

They have dedicated a €10 billion fund specifically to realise their vision of France as a "country of unicorns".

So to celebrate this new venture here at Pangaea, our 'Gift From Heaven' this week is a Sales Director, based in France.

Passionate about helping companies to change the world with innovative technologies, she wants to show her impact on the market by increasing market shares, winning new logos and lighthouse projects whilst building solid reputation and customer confidence.

Her favourite customers are large enterprises in Southern Europe. With experience in Software, Cloud and business apps, she can grow a sales department from the early stages and/or transform a sales team to make it work, in her words, "like a Swiss clock; predictable, reliable and efficient".

What are the ingredients? Ability to connect at CxO level is one. Partner leverage and partner teamwork based upon a shared interest is another one. With those plus a real customer intimacy and curiosity she will shape the right solution.

As a people manager, she is energizing and enthusiastic but she will ask a lot from her team. Because she is "hands on", she is sharp to analyze each business opportunity in depth, to secure the expected revenue. She will recruite a talented sales team and invest time and creativity to keep their commitment to the company and their results growing.

If you are not happy with your sales results in Southern Europe and you would like to know more about our GFH, please get in touch now before your competitors do.

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Date: 28/09/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner