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Dancing in Heels at 1am

Happy New Year!

My Christmas day was pretty stressful, (how you keep everything hot at the same time is beyond me) and New Year was a wash-out with being ill, so I for one am happy to get back to work and back into a routine!

The highlight of my Christmas was a 40th birthday party, for one of my oldest friends. We all grew up together, competing in the world of Irish Dancing and when we get together, it's always tremendous fun.

Although we were all champion solo dancers, we never quite made our mark when it came to competing as a team in Ceili dancing. What should have been a team made in heaven actually fell massively short when it came to achieving anything as a unit....we just didn't cut it and as I'm sure you've experienced, some people are just better working as individuals.

After a few beverages and at the end of the night, (lights up and slightly intoxicated), we decided to try one of our team dances, 24 years since the last time we danced together. So what was never very good in the first place became an utter shambles.

For your it is. You'll see why we never made the World medals as a team, although there are 2 World champions and 6 World medal holders between us.

Dancing in heels at 1am 

(That's my friend Claire in the heels - the one who needs a Sat Nav. I'm the one shaking my head in despair ;-).

If you would like help in 2019 to make your current team stronger, or need some excellent individual contributors to join your software company, please don't hesitate to get in touch.....I promise to find you better team players than those in the video ;-).

I hope you have an excellent start to 2019.

Until next time,


Date: 01/01/2019 | Author: Natalie Gardner