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Contractor Solutions Service

Due to popular demand, here at Pangaea Global Associates, we are happy to announce our new "Contractor Solutions Service' to all our software vendor clients.

Over the past 12 months, more and more of our global clients have been asking us to help them find skilled contractors with specific software experience.

A board or senior member may have resigned unexpectedly and an interim needed to be found until a permanent replacement could be found. They may have wanted to test the water in a new geography without too much risk, or they may have reached full utilization internally from a consultancy/architecture perspective...... their channel partners may not have had the skills available themselves, or they simply had a specific project internally which required skills outside their usual technology stack.

Whatever your reasons, in our experience, many of these specialist contract roles require as detailed a search, (headhunt) as any senior permanent role.... because again, many of these skills aren't readily available on the market.....and the contract market is fast paced and highly competitive.

So, as masters at finding needles in haystacks, and seducing said 'needles' to consider working with your awesome software company, there is no one out there better positioned to find these skills for you.

If you have projects coming up where you need interim or contract talent or are facing any challenges around utilization, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Until next time,

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Date: 09/04/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner