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Cancelled! (for now).

I'm not going to mention the biggest 'C' word on everyone's lips right now ....nope, let's have a little rest from it for just these few minutes....go on treat yourself! :-).

What I will say is that I hope you are bearing up, in what is an uncertain time. I hope you and your family are well and as unaffected as can be.

My daughter Layla has had her final year of high school exams, (GCSE's) cancelled, along with her Prom. (Obviously the Prom is far more upsetting for her.... and so it should be at 15 years old).

I've have done my first ever Zoom Personal Training session with my instructor which resulted in numerous calamities....including a wayward dog and forever ringing doorbell for deliveries of things i'd never usually buy, like watercolour paints, crochet sets and pins to stick in my eyes, (jokes).....15 year old's apparently can't answer the door.

So this is a time of doing very little for me. I have only a few clients who are still filling roles...urgent ones or replacements, and it's totally understandable that everything else must wait.

And I have to say, i'm making the most of it!

I've started an online course in 'Breathwork and Somatic healing'....which is all about releasing trauma through the breath, something that fascinates me......

I've bought a tongue drum and intend to get really good at it.....

I'm doing yoga every morning....

My cupboards have never looked so clean....

I've signed up to an app to learn the piano....

And i've been connecting so much more with friends. We've even booked a 'girls night in' Zoom chat on Saturday evening which is likely to be a raucous event.

So in spite of this being a challenging time, i'm choosing what to fill my reality with and refuse to get sucked in by fear and 'what if's'.

For businesses, it is obviously natural to worry.....but we can only focus on that which we can control. Everything else should be left off our radar.

I'd love to know how you are filling your time. Have you started to learn something you've never had time for? Have you had a massive clear out? Have you started thinking about your real purpose? These times certainly raise questions in us like 'what really matters to me?'

Anyway, just wanted to check in and it would be great to hear what you are up to.

Sending best wishes, stay safe.


Date: 26/03/2020 | Author: Natalie Gardner