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Are You Breaking Bad Software?

So, last night I came home to my kitchen looking like a scene from 'Breaking Bad'.... my teenage daughter was making slime with's a big thing with the kids at the minute.

And it got me thinking about that story....probably my favourite television drama series ever!

If you don't know it, Walter White, a struggling high school Chemistry teacher/family man turns 'drug underworld God' - producer of the best crystal meth, (crystalized methamphetamine) ever seen on the market, to provide for his family when he finds out he has inoperable lung cancer. And my, what a journey his ego takes .... quite the transformation.

Now, not that I'm suggesting the path Walt took was a good one but it does go to show what he was capable of and how suppressed his talent was. We find out later, that earlier on in his career, he was swindled out of an idea he had which led to his former colleague winning a Nobel prize and making millions.

Which beggars the arguably the most competitive industry in the world, the software industry, what are you doing to keep your best people from defecting to the other side?

Are you suppressing them, not doing right by them? Are you getting the best out of them, pushing them to the best of their ability? Because if not, there is a good chance they will jump ship and are most likely to go to one of your competitors.(Hopefully things aren't so bad they choose to start making crystal meth ;-).

If you'd like to book a call in with me to discuss ways in which you can keep your talent to yourselves and avoid them being headhunted, do get in touch or if you just need help finding top new talent for your software company, anywhere in the world, look no further.

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Date: 06/09/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner