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Are they keeping you Suite?

Here at Pangaea, we know all too well that people want to reach the C-Suite in the Software industry for different reasons; for some it's pure ambition and others, they want to have a greater impact and make a difference in the World, leading from the top.

Cassandra Frangos worked as the Head of Executive Global Talent at Cisco and has interviewed dozens of CEOs about what it takes to reach the C-Suite. Her book, 'How to crack the C-Suite Code' is a great read and talks about the four core paths to get to C-Level.

In it, she states that according to the Kaufmann foundation, the average and median age of US-born tech founders is 39 and twice as many are over 50 than 25. In addition, people 55 or older are twice as likely to launch a high-growth start-up compared with the under 35 crowd according to Forbes.

When it comes to having a greater impact and making a difference, here at Pangaea, we can offer our Senior and Executive leaders a number of bespoke, High Performance Leadership coaching packages to catapult you to the much coveted next level.

Our leading edge 'Systemic Coaching and Constellations' process is a ground-breaking approach that helps leaders to identify their hidden blocks and resolve the complex dilemmas that may stop them from reaching the next level or fulfilling their true 'C-Suite' potential.

If you are interested in discussing some of the one-to-one coaching programs or workshops we can offer your Software company, please do get in touch to arrange an initial consultation.

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Date: 26/04/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner