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AI is Taking over!

So, I keep hearing how AI is going to be the death of the recruitment industry. And it's interesting, particularly as I've been headhunting for a few AI and RPA vendors over the last 12 months.

Well I have to admit...I'm petrified!

Nope....not really! ;-)

And do you know why? Because whilst much of what AI and Robotic Process Automation can offer has value, when it comes to the finesse of selling, consulting and persuading.... where there's nuance, a decision to be made, careful thought-out simply cannot compare.

Now there's no doubt, automation will take a lot of the hack out of the sourcing process - matching CV's, matching profiles on job boards, social media etc. but don't forget, in the software industry, superior talent isn't active in the market. The real craft is in the influencing, in managing the process, handling counter offers, in finding 'unfindable' talent - that's where the human element is unmatchable.

If you look at the top talent in your you think replacing these people with AI is an option? I doubt it.

Having said that, if you do need to replace anyone in your software company, or you simply need to add to the headcount you currently have, anywhere in the world, then look no further. As global experts in placing senior talent in the software industry, we've got you covered, so please get in touch to arrange a chat.

Until next time,

Take care.


Date: 20/02/2018 | Author: