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What a Privilege

Date: 27/09/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Show me the Money

Why a pay increase isn't always the way to attract talent - and what else you can do instead.

Date: 21/08/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Who's letting the side down?

Date: 09/07/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Are they keeping you Suite?

Here at Pangaea, we know all too well that people want to reach the C-Suite in the Software industry for different reasons; for some it's pure ambition and others, they want to have a greater impact and make a difference in the World, leading from the top.

Date: 26/04/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Contractor Services

Date: 09/04/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Close enCounters Of The Worst Kind

Date: 26/03/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner

What Makes a Software Sales Person Successful?

Date: 20/03/2018 | Author: Natalie Gardner

AI is taking over!

Now there's no doubt, automation will take a lot of the hack out of the sourcing process - matching CV's, matching profiles on job boards, social media etc. but don't forget, in the software industry, superior talent isn't active in the market. The real craft is in the influencing, in managing the process, handling counter offers, in finding 'unfindable' talent - that's where the human element is unmatchable.

Date: 20/02/2018 | Author:

When Junglemap met Oasis

When Junglemap met Oasis

Date: 10/11/2017 | Author:

The Ultimate Betrayal

The Ultimate Betrayal

Date: 30/10/2017 | Author:

You can't touch this!

Date: 18/10/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner

This is going to hurt

Blackpool work, suicide awareness and mental health.

Date: 06/10/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Startup Customer Success California

Date: 02/10/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner

France - the new Silicon Valley?

Whilst France is known worldwide for its wine, food and culture, it's never really been the country I'd immediately think of in relation to tech startups.

Date: 28/09/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Are You Breaking Bad Software?

So, last night I came home to my kitchen looking like a scene from ‘Breaking Bad’…. my teenage daughter was making slime with Borax…it’s a big thing with the kids at the minute.

Date: 06/09/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner

A bit of female company?

A CEO in the software industry based out of the US recently asked us for help in finding two VPs……one for EMEA and one for APAC.

Date: 18/08/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Melissa....You won't want to miss her

I’d like to introduce you to Melissa Thompson, who was Executive Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Citrix for the past several years. In addition to sharing my maiden name, she shares my passion for finding good talent in the technology industry and also a wicked sense of humour…..we must be related….even if she is based in Texas.

Date: 02/08/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

So, I’ve just arrived back from a beautiful holiday in the Algarve.

Date: 17/07/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Well, I'm not going to sell tights am I!

I remember when I was hitting my software sales numbers early on in my enterprise sales career and beating some of my much older and more experienced peers, being told that to get the same company car everyone else had, I needed to be able to act older. My boss at the time said, "when you go into a meeting, you need to be able to act 27, not 22."

Date: 21/06/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner

Possibly the worst boss in the world?

Do you remember the film Training Day? I watched it again at the weekend.

Date: 20/03/2017 | Author: Natalie Gardner


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